Hold your hands looking at each other, eyes to eyes, your souls getting together and becoming one, each time more excited with those irreplaceable smiles.

How worthy is that moment?
It’s very hard to say but we will let it be never ending.

“Sometimes I need to hide behind my camera to get dried my tears”

We’re going to tell a story....your story

We keep your special moments inside our camera shooting the joy, the purity and simplicity of being together. We take care of your wedding day telling your own special story.

Le Fotografe, are here for you and we will be next to you in the most beautiful day, that day you would never stop full of smiles and tears. Thanks to our shooting those moments never stop, our pictures will let you remind each whisper, remembering and emotion. Shooting an event means creating a magical connection, a synergy between you and us: with all our sensibility we will follow you on

tiptoes, to catch your pure and genuine love, in a picture telling story.

Clothes, hairstyles, stage and flowers...we will look at everything to the smallest detail as well as smiles, movements and emotions so to stop the moment, collect all in an album and keep them forever. We treat our pictures same way of you taking care of all details; we shoot through your eyes as we were you.

We will be there but you’ll not realize it: you could live your amazing day enjoying all your happiness!

We’ll watch you without invading your moments....it will be like having fairies.