Wedding - Charlotte & Andrea

Put together fifteen wedding professional workers and event managers in an unexpected location and ...inspiration is on! Ready to follow our grooms, ready for this new tale and to support them till to say yes. So diving deep in our emotions we shoot the whole incredible day telling about all special moments. An inspirational wedding day with a romantic, fresh and genuine twist in a traditional location which smells of ancient and artistic heritage. The place was Francavilla and its Michetti cloister was where Charlotte and Andrea, young strong and elegant met and kissed in the Sea breeze .

The bride has an innocent and colorful wedding dress which reminds the smell of flowers, the groom got the tight, a perfect dress code for a morning wedding day, sporty and stylish at the same time.

The stage , an incredible old bougainvillea wall, inspires us and also the cake matches with its colors!

Among balloons, sparkles and gold bows it’s party time! Their looks are always there and now they are one.
This is our special telling story for this amazing day. Enjoy!